Top Banana

I am currently using this posting to procrastinate from writing my term paper on representations, so I thought I might make the distraction legitimate by incorporating a representation into this post (although don’t I always?).  Below you will find an image of the “Top Banana” from the Banana Club Museum (, Mr. Ken Bannister.  I’m pretty sure this guy is a bit nuts (but who doesn’t like a bit of nuts with their bananas?).

A man in a banana costume is inherently funny, but I beg of you, bring on the GOB jokes!

*special thanks to Rocketsquirrel for her internet-mining prowess*



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5 responses to “Top Banana

  1. The Rocket Squirrel

    Now for a rousing game of stumps and stems!

  2. OneMittenKitten

    His name should be Bananister

  3. The Rocket Squirrel

    They’re all riled up about health care, but tax dollars were providing a roof for that museum. Priorities, America. Priorities.

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