Main Entry: 1glit·ter
Pronunciation: \ˈgli-tər\
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: Middle English gliteren, perhaps from Old Norse glitra; akin to Old English geolu yellow
Date: 14th century

1 a : to shine by reflection with many small flashes of brilliant light : sparkle <sequins glittered in the spotlight> b : to shine with strong emotion : flash <eyes glittering in anger>

2 : to be brilliantly attractive, lavish, or spectacular; also : to be superficially attractive or exciting

This is a site to celebrate the everyday glitter in the life of this kitten.  I will venture to post a new image each day with a wee note to explain the joy it brought me. Coming at you from Vancouver, B.C.

Email me with all of your queries, advice requests, compliments, etc. at askglitterkitten@gmail.com



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